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“Cry to the Moon”- Fine Art Print

“Cry to the Moon”- Fine Art Print

Large 16" x 20" Fine Art Print

Title: "Cry to the Moon"



"Once there were two Wolves, both were hungry and lost in the night. The Darkness seemed to swallow them up until time itself stood still. Little Wolf raised her head up and felt awestruck at the magnificent light above... "Look," said the Creature beside her. There they stood in the light of the Moon and cried. Each teardrop felt cleansing, and healing, they felt Full like the Moon. Time went on and the two Wolves met on nights such as this. This is why we hear the cries of Wolves upon the Moon so Full- so we can become Full too."
Prints are ordered and drop shipped to your home or office address, (prints arrive flat and ready for framing!)

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