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Spirit Tree - Fine Art Cards x20 Cards

Spirit Tree - Fine Art Cards x20 Cards

Large Art Cards-


5" x 7" (20 cards per order) *Envelopes included!  



This design represents many Nations and Animal Crests, they all gather and become the Sacred Tree, Cedar. The Cedar Tree is a symbol of strength and unity, when the bark is stripped and braided or woven it becomes stronger. This serves as a reminder of our Strength as a Collective. That we are still here, that we are truthful, that we are healing, that we are reconnecting with our true history and beautiful Culture.


Card Prints are ordered and drop shipped to your home or office address, pre-bent and ready to fold and gift to loved ones.

 * Cards come with the story about the design on the back of each card.

    C$140.00 Regular Price
    C$112.00Sale Price
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