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The Meeting Place- Fine Art Cards x20

The Meeting Place- Fine Art Cards x20

Large Art Cards-5" x 7" (20 cards per order) *Envelopes included!



"This is the story of two Cranes who meet after a long journey home. I was visited by a Crane during my own healing journey and it reminded me of my own needs, both Spiritually and in the longing for “Home”. Home is where your heart is, sometimes it is in the sky when enchanted by starlight, other times it is at sunrise along the shore... Home is always, where you are met with Love and Compassion, Understanding, and Trust."


Card Prints are ordered and drop shipped to your home or office address, pre-bent and ready to fold and gift to loved ones.

* Cards come with the story about the design on the back of each card.

    C$140.00 Regular Price
    C$112.00Sale Price
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