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Thunderbird Fine Art Print

Thunderbird Fine Art Print

Large 12" x 18" Print

Title: "Celestial Being/ Lax'haa La'ooy"

"Celestial Being depicts a creature that I had envisioned in a dream. In this dream state I was enveloped in water. Lax’haa La’ooy flew down and rescued me from the depths. It is from this dream that I realized that I had always had a calling to work in our sacred Art form. I believe that we each have guides that come to us when we least expect. This being was a reminder of the honor that was gifted to me by my ancestors to continue in telling our stories through visual Art. Celestial Being, represents a very wise Thunderbird. Thunderbirds are high beings that watch over the land and act as protectors of those that seek its help."

 Prints are ordered and drop shipped to your home or office address, (prints arrive flat and ready for framing!)

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